Dr-Natalie-Blakely‘If I had a pound for every minute I’d spent searching for patient records I’d probably be taking early retirement by now! Consentz stores this vital information on a secure cloud giving me instant access wherever there’s WiFi, so I spend less time trawling through filing cabinets and more time seeing patients…. so maybe early retirement isn’t such an unrealistic dream after all!’
Dr Natalie

5 reasons your aesthetics business needs Consentz

1. Consentz saves you time


No more uploading photos from your camera to PC, transcribing patient notes or trawling through filing cabinets.

2. Consentz saves you money

Think paper, ink and storage space and that’s just for starters!

3. Consentz is secure

Patient records are encrypted and backed up so even if you premises burn down or burgled, your records are securely stored on the cloud – the same one that is used by UK banks.

4. Consentz is portable and works offline

Essential if you are a mobile practitioner.

5. Consentz ensures your paperwork is complete, up-to-date and legally compliant

Providing a clear auditable trail, in the event of legal action.