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Dr Natalie Blakely writes

5 Ways Consentz Can Benefit Your Business

‘If I had a pound for every minute I’d spent searching for patient records I’d probably be taking early retirement by now! Consentz stores this vital information on a secure cloud giving me instant access wherever there’s WiFi, so I spend less time trawling through filing cabinets and more time seeing patients…. so maybe early retirement isn’t such an unrealistic dream after all!’ Dr Natalie 5 reasons your […]

The missed opportunities of the Keogh Report is the industry’s opportunity to act

Like so many of us in the industry I saw the publication of the Keogh Report as a great opportunity for reform. The industry is almost completely unregulated and while that remains the case the NHS will pay for mistakes. However since the report was released in April last year the recommendations have been abandoned and a voluntary register proposed instead. Here are my thoughts published in an article in the Aesthetics Journal.

‘A great i-dea’… Consentz is in Cosmetic News, September 2013

You can read about why I created the Consentz patient management App on pages 44-45 of this month’s Cosmetic News magazine and how I believe it can help aesthetic practitioners save time, money and promote a clutter-free office!