At Consentz we welcome the recommendations outlined in the Sir Bruce Keogh Review of the Regulations of Cosmetic Interventions, shop in particular the call for aesthetic medicine practitioners to carry out detailed consultations, rx including health questionnaires and to obtain proper, informed consent from their patients prior to treatment where they may be administering botox, dermal fillers or laser treatments.

“People choosing to undergo cosmetic interventions are both patients and consumers. They are making purchasing decisions on procedures and products that may have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing. It is essential that people are helped to make informed decisions based on clear, easily accessible and unbiased information and data.”

Consentz removes time consuming paperwork from the patient management process allowing aesthetic medicine practitioners to create detailed, comprehensive records quickly and deliver better follow-up and aftercare. Patient questionnaires are filled in using buttons on a touch-screen, consent forms are signed with a digital stylus, while the unique speech to text function digitally transcribes treatment notes in situ. All this information is securely stored on the Consentz cloud based server accessible at a moment’s notice from wherever you are.

In addition if a product is recalled due to safety issues, as highlighted by the PIP breast implants scandal, patients records can be accessed quickly, so they can be contacted without delay.

So when it comes to obtaining and storing detailed patient records without piles of paperwork Consentz makes perfect sense!