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Make Time

Say goodbye to large volumes of printing, filing, tedious record keeping and customer chasing. Consentz will save you time at every touch point on the patient pathway, creating time that can be used to relax, grow or simply think.


Why struggle to find the next available appointment, or accidentally double book a piece of equipment? The Consentz calendar allows you to easily see what room, staff and equipment is available. It is no longer a challenge to find patients who have changed names from maiden to married names or have common family or first names and quick links to patient information, including photographs, mean you’re not wasting time checking through details.


A Library Of Forms

With Consentz there is no longer any requirement to have stacks of personal detail forms, medical questionnaires and consent forms printed out and available for patients to complete and sign, ready for somebody to file away. A library of digital forms are always available and once completed are stored electronically for easy retrieval.

Pre-Populated Notes

Why write and re-write the same lines over and over again? Many of your consultations require the same medical information to be recorded and with Consentz you can use pre-populated consultation notes to save you all this repetition. You can of course edit these pre-populated notes to your requirements and add to the notes, as the consultation requires.

Beautiful Design

Why struggle with clunky, poorly designed software. Consentz was expertly designed to be easy to use, beautiful, clean, and simple. Buttons are in the right places, information is easily accessible, and it’s all backed up automatically. Design that saves time.



Managing your patient photographs can take up significant amounts of a clinic’s valuable time – time spent searching for, uploading and attaching photographs to medical records. Consentz has a beautiful, easy to use photography toolkit – with time and date tags, photo carousel, ghosting, image comparison and treatment recording.