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Patient Engagement

Informed patients are more likely to make a purchase, have increased customer satisfaction and are less likely to make a malpractice claim. Patient engagement and education is built into Consentz at multiple touch-points – from videos to Treatment Plans and the Consultation Tool  – ensuring your patients will know about all the treatments you are providing.

Educate from the Outset

Patient engagement and education of the possible cosmetic treatments takes time. With Consentz it begins at first contact to give the patient time to learn and develop a full understanding of what is possible.
Patient Engagement and Education - Patient Mode on the Practitioner App


Patients indicate on the medical questionnaire, areas of cosmetic medicine in which they are interested. This information allows your patients access to online brochures and other media on the treatments and procedures you have available at your clinic.


Select the relevant videos and brochures from a large library of treatments, all carefully chosen to assist patients


With an integration with Mailchimp you can create beautiful bulk emails to educate and inform your patients to your full range of treatments on offer.
Patient Engagment and Education using the Consultation Photo Tool

Engagement Using the Consultation Tool

Educate, advise and record all in the one place. The Consultation Tool allows you to have a structured and documented consultation, whether you’re feeling fresh or tired at the end of a long day.


By taking a photograph at the start of the consultation and then sitting alongside the patient to discuss the image, a friendly environment is created where concerns can be voiced freely.


The photograph allows for patients’ concerns to be addressed through annotational tools. The Sketch feature also provides for a full free-drawing to help the patient understand treatments and outcomes.


Never again forget your recommendation for treatments. The Consultation Tool allows you to capture and save everything you have discussed with your patients.