Ever since I saw a demonstration at FACE2013 of the Consentz program, I realised that it was the answer to my practice needs. All my patient info, notes, treatments and photo’s in the palm of my hand wherever I am. As with all new apps, there can be teething trouble, but it was all resolved in a professional and swift way by the development team. I now cannot function in my practice without Consentz. Love it!
Mr Gerhard Robbertse, Gerson Medical
I am in my mid-50’s and what you would call ‘Old School’.  I am a self-confessed technophobe and felt safe having a back-up of handwritten notes and files. You can image the panic when my employer told me we going paper free! Well, I had to give it a go. For days, I came up with every reason possible as to why this crazy new idea was not going to work. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my Ipad was out of action, so I had to go back to my paper files for the day. I hated it.
After the fuss I caused at the beginning, I probably shouldn’t let my boss hear me praising Consentz. It is really easy to use and it saves me so much time having all of my patient information in one place. I’m definitely a convert!
Jennifer Luyt, Aesthetician
Consentz is a brilliant solution for clinics. From the thorough touch-screen consultation process to the instant image capture/upload and secure data storage, it contains every feature I need to manage my patients effectively and use my time more efficiently. I particularly like the voice-to-text function which enables me to input my notes in situ rather than transcribing them in the evening.
Dr Peter Forrester, The Cosmetics Doctors Company
I work from several clinics and the Consentz App enables me to access my patient’s records and manage bookings, whenever and wherever I am. The voice recorder is really useful and my records are more thorough and accurate as a result. The electronic prescription function enables me to order products quickly from my tablet so there’s no danger of me forgetting.
Teena Williams, Independent Medical Aesthetic Practitioner
I thought that the Consentz app was an extremely professional way to collect client information. Replacing the clipboard and not hunting for a working biro is nothing short of a brilliant idea. Today’s modern client expects excellent service with excellent products. Consentz felt like a refreshing, updated change to an already fabulous clinic.
Amanda Jones, Patient
As an IT professional I am very impressed with the user interface of Consentz. It is easy to use and has an aesthetically pleasing design which leads the client through the comprehensive data collection process in a user focused format which would not intimidate even the most hardened of technophobes.
Anna Perceval, Patient