Consentz user-guide
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A step-by-step guide to working with Consentz:

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  2. See the Quick Start Guide if you have not already done so
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Home page

Click CREATE to add a new patient/appointment

Consentz Calendar


Add an appointment

Click the New Patient button at the top right of the page, (or search for existing patients by typing a name into Search Patients).

New Patient


Complete all fields. If you don’t have an email address yet, add a temporary address i.e. – This can be updated later. Then click SUBMIT to continue.



View your appointment in the calendar

You can now see your appointment in the calendar. If you have booked ahead of today, then use the forwards/backwards arrows to move through the days, click the Next Week tab to advance by one week, or use the search box to search for a patient’s name.
You can AMEND or DELETE the appointment using the two buttons to the right of your booking.

Click on the patient name to begin the consultation process.

Appointments and the consultation process


Start your patient consultation

Select Personal Details from the consultation menu on the right.



Personal Details

Complete your patient’s Personal Details. You might like to hand the iPad to your patient to fill in the details. Tip: In-clinic we ask the patient to complete these details whilst in reception.

Personal Details


Medical Questionnaire

Select the Medical Questionnaire option from the right hand menu.

Questionnaire Menu


Consentz includes a thorough medical questionnaire. To select an option, click the button.

Medical Records


On submission of the medical questionnaire, the patient must then complete detailed information regarding the items selected as ’Yes’ in the questionnaire. On completion, click SUBMIT.



Consultation Notes

Select the Consultation Notes option from the right hand menu

Consultation Notes Menu


Consentz allows you to record medical notes against your patient record. Click on the ‘+’ button on the lower right – a menu will pop up.

Consultation notes


Click Add Note. You can either type a note, or if you have an iPad3 + click the microphone button and speak your notes.

Voice to text


Treatment Selection

Following your client consultation select the treatments you intend to perform.

Medical Notes Completed


Select your treatments by clicking on the appropriate button. Note: You can tailor your range of treatments in your Account Settings. Then click SUBMIT



Consent Forms

Select the Consent Forms option in the right hand menu.

 Treatments completed


A consent form will be available for each treatment selected. Consentz comes complete with standard consent forms for some treatments. Forms can be added or customised in the Account Settings area.

Consent signature


Photo Taking

Click here to take add photos to your consultation

Picture Taking


Select TAKE A NEW PHOTO to take a photo with your iPad or upload a photo from your digital camera. (You will need to purchase an adaptor to connect your digital camera to the ipad and thensave images to the library.)
Select the UPLOAD FROM THIS button to select a photo from the library.

Photo taking


Click on your chosen photo to add a treatment record.



Select a treatment from the drop down menu i.e. botox, then select the area to be treated i.e. Glabellar and touch the spot on the face to indicate where the treatment has been applied and the quantity. Repeat as necessary to annotate treatment. Then select another treatment if applicable from the drop down menu and apply as described.

Lot Numbers

Click here to take add a record of the lot numbers used in the treatments

Lot Numbers


Enter a lot number and then click the Copy from the option above check box to quickly replicate the number for each application.

Lot number record


Click SUBMIT to complete your consultation.
If you have any questions or any problems, please contact
One of our team will be happy to assist.
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