Dr Natalie
by Dr Natalie Blakely

I run a small but extremely busy medical aesthetics clinic in  Surrey specialising in Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments. My days are spent treating patients, with little or no time between appointments and, until recently, my evenings were spent catching up on patient admin.

This included transcribing treatment notes, often written in a hurry, and difficult to read, completing treatment forms and uploading before and after photos from the camera to the clinic PC.


My work-life balance was increasingly out of kilter. I was working twelve hours a day, seeing less and less of my husband and kids while free time became a thing of the past.

One night last year I was sitting in my clinic surrounded by the usual mountain of paperwork when I had an idea.

In a digital age, where most people are familiar with the iPad or tablet PC, it seemed ridiculous that amongst the millions of Apps on the market there was nothing to help streamline the paperwork process of cosmetic medicine practitioners like myself, enabling them see more patients and still have a life outside work!

That’s when I decided to develop a patient management system for the iPad and the idea of Consentz was born.

Through a friend, I was introduced to Ollie Maitland, a developer with many years of experience creating software solutions. I was of course hoping that after a few quick discussions, Ollie would be able to create Consentz. Several months (and many more late nights) later, Consentz is up and running in my clinic. I am delighted to say I am seeing more patients and managing to leave the clinic by 6pm – something I never thought possible.

Think of Consentz as a very efficient admin assistant. It moves you through the consultation process with a touch screen, and stores the information as you input it in real time. Consultation notes can be added using the medical voice to text facility (no need to type or write anything) and it takes and uploads photos in seconds and visually records the treatment and location of the treatment on the patient’s photo.

The information is stored on your hard drive and the Consentz secure cloud based server where it is continually backed up, removing the worry of patient records disappearing if your hard drive crashes or is damaged.

The beauty of Consentz is that it is completely portable, especially useful if you are a mobile practitioner. Patient records can be retrieved and updated in seconds. It also makes my clinic look very modern and cutting edge.

As a doctor I have an innate understanding of how cosmetic medicine practitioners work. I know from first hand experience how a small pile of paperwork can turn into a mountain if you don’t have time to stay on top of it! Consentz is an alternative to the relentless form-filling and after hours transcribing, enabling you to see more patients and get home at a reasonable hour!