Consentz patient record app: empowers patients, buy cialis empowers practitioners

Consentz is a simple and intuitive tablet-based, patient record system (EMR) that takes you through the entire patient consultation from registering a patient and creating an appointment, to filling out the medical history, deciding on the course of treatment, recording patient notes and photographs and finally collecting and storing a digital signature using a stylus.

EMR workflow infogram

Consentz enables practitioners to obtain proper and informed consent from their patients and deliver improved follow-up and after-care. The process is thorough and meets the new recommendations set down by the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions by the Department of Health.

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Consentz features

  • Add a new patient: Add new patients and appointments directly to the system, or integrate with Google Calendar, Salesforce or your CRM plus E-Clinic coming soon!
  • Appointment scheduling: Utilise the in-built Consentz calendar or integrate easily with Google/Salesforce/CRM Calendar for a clear and organised appointments system.
  • Patient questionnaires: Patients complete questionnaires direct to the tablet at the touch of a button. The questionnaires are thorough and meet the new regulatory standards.
  • Consent forms: Patients sign consent forms direct to the tablet with a digital stylus enabling practitioners to obtain proper, informed consent from their patients for each treatment.
  • Instant image capture: High resolution patient photographs can be taken with your iPad and saved to your patient’s file in seconds.
  • Visible record of treatments: Details of products used and the location of treatments are recorded on the patient’s photo and linked to the practitioner and the centre for full accountability.
  • Speech to text recognition: Transcribes your patient notes into text as you speak and stores them securely.
  • E-prescription (coming soon) : Send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically saving time, paper and postage.
  • Patient retrieval: Patient records can be located and retrieved using the search facility for improved follow-up and after-care
  • Product recall: A track and trace facility enables practitioners to easily contact patients when there are concerns regarding product safety.


Consentz security

  • Password access: The system is secure and can only be accessed by password login.
  • Secure hosting: Consentz is hosted on a Rackspace Enterprise trusted servers (SSL).
  • Automatic cloud back up: Your database of patient records is saved on the Consentz cloud-based server which is continually backed-up 24/7.
  • Data download: If connected to Google calendar, your raw data is saved to Google and can be downloaded via your Google account.


Consentz benefits

  • Task specific design: The Consentz app was designed by medical practitioners for medical practitioners.
  • One stop solution: The Consentz app covers all requirements for patient record keeping in a single, intuitive app.
  • Compatibility: Consentz integrates with Google App, Salesforce and other CRMs.
  • Portability: Consentz can be used in-clinic or off-site, seamlessly.
  • Works offline: It works without wi-fi when travelling and synchronises your data when a wi-fi signal is available.
  • Reduce filing: All input is made directly to the iPad reducing filing and time consuming paperwork and data/image upload.
  • Save time: Consentz centralises all patient consultation processes, saving time.
  • Increase revenue: On test, Consentz increased efficiency and saved significant time on filing, making Doctors notes and uploading photographs, thus increasing (chargeable) time spent with patients.