Why struggle with clunky, poorly designed clinic management software features? Consentz was expertly designed to be easy to use, beautiful, clean, and simple. Buttons are in the right places, information is easily a ccessible, and it’s all backed up automatically.


Memory Jog

Waiting List

Questionnaire Builder

Engage your patients

Treatment Notes


All The Tools You Need

A comprehensive suite of easy-to-use clinic management software tools, Consentz builds patient relationships with powerful patient engagement and education tools, while significantly reducing the time burden in note taking and administration, all captured using state-of-the-art encryption. You can sign up for Consentz here and download the Medical App from the Apple App Store. 

Calendar System

Elegant and easy to use, saving you time, improving patient engagement, and increasing your revenues.

Patient Education

Make sure your patients know all about your treatments.

Photos & Records

Save time and reduce risk of medical malpractice claims


Let you personal touch shine through and be in control


Real time performance analysis on your business, so you can focus on key areas of importance.

Inventory & Billing

Simple, efficient, effective stock management and invoicing.


Helping you understand your business and succeed


Fill your diary like never before

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