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Stock and Billing

With Consentz’s advance technology it’s easy to use Stock and Billing system that eliminates manual work and improves your efficiency


Passing pieces of paper to your practice manager to charge the patient? With Consentz software you can start the billing process on your iPad and any office member can complete the invoice from their desktop. So if your patient sees something they like, you can just add it to the bill.


Straightforward billing of products, treatments, discounts and vouchers. Sales are easily allocated to the different clinicians who served the patient, from consultation to treatment.


Take pre-payments for a course of treatments, recognise clinicians who carry out the treatments, view and reassign prepaid balances if needed.


Create bundles of products and treatments to entice your patients with better deals and seasonal offers.


Manage your stock, from Botulinum levels to pots of cream. Simple to set up, yet powerful enough to allow an overview of what you own. Our dynamic stock management system automatically updates with every invoice raised, or adjust it manually to record breakages, so you’ll always know what’s on your shelves.


Have you ever wanted to manage your stock levels of Botulinum Toxin? With Consentz you can see how much stock your clinicians are using and place the necessary orders.


Reduce stock numbers whenever you invoice an item, allow your Practitioner’s record usage when marking photograph, or manually enter an adjustment amount. Either way the history of all stock movements are recorded.


Running low on stock? Dynamic reports and settings for minimum stock levels will inform you when you’re running out and need to reorder.