Consentz April Software Update

A significant update was released this morning for both the Control Centre and Practitioner App (version 1.0.9)

Changes to Prepayments
– We’ve update the prepayment system in order to assign a specific prepayment to an invoice for better historical tracking
– You can now assign a treatment quantity to a prepayment and at a glance tell how many treatments remain
– A new Prepay menu option lists out all open and historical prepayments

The Academy is now available from within the Control Centre
– No need for a separate log in to access all those articles

SMS Limit increased
– SMS reminder messages have increased in length

Messaging Treatments
– You can now tailor different reminder / recall lengths depending on treatment

Patient Mode
– We’ve added GP information into Patient Mode so your patients can enter that info directly

Import Notes
– Import notes directly to the patient record

Significant number of small fixes and improvements

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