Report suggests many clinics are unaware of GDPR

At Consentz, we’ve only received a handful about the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is a rather alarming as all businesses need to be compliant by May 25th next year.

However, this isn’t something that only Consentz has observed.

Indeed, a recent study by YouGov and Irwin Mitchell suggests that many medical and healthcare businesses do not understand the effects that the new regulations will have on their business and the implications of not complying before the deadline.

    Key figures

  • Only 51% of senior decision makers in the sector are aware of the new GDPR
  • 38% of businesses were unaware that there are fines if they are not compliant in time
  • 30% believed that GDPR would have no impact on them or it is not an issue for the medical sector

The survey also highlighted that for many medical businesses data protection is an issue – only 37% of businesses are certain that they could detect a data breach and only 29% believe they could notify the relevant stakeholders within 3 days.

This is particularly concerning when we take into account the data breaches seen in the medical industry this year, such as the NHS hack and patient files from a plastic surgery clinic being held to ransom.

See the full article on the Aesthetics Journal website: https://aestheticsjournal.com/news/report-suggests-many-clinics-are-unaware-of-gdpr

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