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Consentz is a user-friendly, cutting-edge digital solution that build patient relationships, grow your business, and save you time. We're the paperless solution for medical practices, transforming the incredibly bureaucratic time-consuming paper-based adherence a thing of the past.

We help medical directors make protocol adherence as simple as it should be.

Features Include:

Patient Pathway

Fully digitise the patient pathway, including signing consent forms, questionnaires, and dictate medical notes - your complete digitised medical record.


With Consentz you can quickly book a new patient, ensure patient privacy, notify the clinician of patient interests and, of course, send reminders.

Photography Tools

Quick & easy to take multiple photos, mark-up and record treatments with the power of the iPad.

Email Builder

Our email builder’s drag-and-drop interface makes adding images and text to your emails a breeze. This feature will help grow your brand, inform and engage your patients like never before!

Voice AI

Our state of the art Voice Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into your website to instantly engage with visitors day or night.


Perform pre-appointment assessment and after appointment check ups, using built-in Zoom video conferencing.


Set up reminders and recalls, autodial your prospects and patients; automate your marketing emails/texts over days/weeks/months to engage your prospects and patients and grow your clinic.

Reputation Management

Social proof through Google and Trust Pilot reviews.

Consentz is simply the fastest system to automate and convert leads 

Here are some reasons why:

• Security

Built for the mobile, data-driven world, all your data is encrypted and securely stored using Amazon Web Services. Consentz is ISO27001 accredited - the international standard on information security and management.

• Online Booking

Set up your online booking tool to perfectly match your website and fill your calendar at your prospects’ convenience


• Reporting

Improving your business always starts with understanding your data. View reports that measure the health of your clinic and see at a glance how well your business is doing

• Save Time

Say goodbye to tedious record keeping! Consentz will save you time at every touch point on the patient pathway, creating time that can be used to relax, grow or simply think

• Support

Our friendly support team of experts is on hand. We are here to help - using telephones/video calls, emails, or DMs - whatever works best for you

The Consentz Academy

Our online business school - contains detailed explanations of features and functions, answers to frequently asked questions and advice on growing your business

• Prospect Pipeline
Understand where the prospect is in the conversion process 

• Prospect Profile
Easily contact, see their info, and write notes all in one place

Consistency of process, with the next appointment booked

• Lists

Segment and market directly

Finally stop those costly subscriptions to Zapier, Active campaign, and more!

Consentz fully replaces any existing CRM technology a clinic may be running like Infusionsoft/Keap, Zapier which can add up quickly. Consentz removes those costly expenses with our exclusive all-on-one seamless integration.

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What our clients say

I signed up with Consentz 4 weeks ago. Having run an paper aesthetic clinic for 5 years I can honestly say it has made a massive difference to managing my practice already. After the initial input off data which takes a little time I’m up and running..

-Dr Dil Kassam

The Medished By DrDil


I wanted a system that would record and store in an easy way my patient records which I could quickly access. No more paper records to carry around - just my ipad! A fantastic feature for me is the ability to record the treatment provided on the patient photos in the treatment photos section. Also vitally important is that Consentz is GDPR compliant.

-Brian Franks

Consentz is great for storing all my patients' details in one place. Nice to be able to upload my own consent forms etc. The fact that I could go paperless was a huge benefit for my business.

- Heidi Miller

Gingerbread House

The program is absolutely brilliant - I can annotate my photographs, dictate my consultation notes and invoice all through one system - my clinic is now paperless.I couldn't ask for anything better!

- Dr Camilla Hill
Dr Camilla Hill Aesthetics Clinic


We looked at a lot of patient management systems & we're really pleased we choose to use Consentz. The Practitioner side helps us comply with all the regulations we need, and the reports are really good and one of the best parts is the customer service, always available when we need a helping hand.

-Karen Keal

The Face - Facial Aesthetic Skin Clinic 

I came from a clinic previously where we were all paper, I was really ingrained in using paper and couldn't see why I would want to change that. Consentz has been really eye opening - its changed the way I administer my patient care. I love all the applications, its super easy to use! Confidentiality is brilliant, not more forms lying around. Consentz has been a real benefit and improved the way I treat patients.

- Janine Scott

Light Touch Clinic 

Limited time offer! £75 /$80 Off