What Does GDPR Mean For Cosmetic Clinics?

With not long to go until the new GDPR changes come into effect, now is the time to start checking that you are handling data safely and correctly. Even though there are hefty fines for not following protocol, a recent YouGov survey reveals that 51% of senior decision makers in the medical industry are unaware of what the changes are. In our blog post we take a look at some of the biggest changes and how Consentz can help your business become compliant.

Opting In

One of the main aims of GDPR is to give patients control over their data and to make them aware of how their data is stored and used. Before any new patient registers on Consentz, they will need to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions which clearly outlines how their data may be used and who may have access to it. For example, for prescription products a clinic will need to share some of the patient’s data with the dispenser.


As well as understanding how their data is used, patients have the right to access their personal data and that data needs to be given to them, free of charge, within a month of their request. This is where the Patient Companion App really comes into its own.

The Patient Companion App checks a lot of GDPR boxes in one fell swoop as it grants patients access to their data 24/7, wherever they are – this includes contact details, appointment, consultation notes, treatment plans and photographs. In addition, they can update their personal information at any time – they do not need to contact the clinic to make the changes.  

Patient data also needs to be portable so that they it can be used by other service providers. As opposed to spending an afternoon at the photocopier, this information can be exported from Consentz into a .PDF for patients.

Deleting Files

In addition to having access to data, patients can also request for their data to be erased for a number of  reasons, such as withdrawing their consent to share their information with the clinic. In addition, if a patient has stopped attending your clinic for a set amount of time,, their information needs to be deleted or archived by law.

As you can probably imagine, this will be an incredibly time consuming task for those running on paper notes or several management systems and there is greater chance of error.

However, Consentz simplifies this. By having all patient data in one place, Consentz makes it easier for you to erase patient data. In addition, it is possible to run a report to clear up inactive patient files.

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